Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Well Santa's Little Helper Gets a Mouthful [and more]

Christmas Eve went as planned, anyway!  It's always nice when a plan goes to..well...plan :))

Not that it's particularly difficult to get what I want from Alistair during the Festive Season.  He usually hunkers down into tired but lovable hubbie mode; it must be something to do with mulled wine, mince pies and the world stopping- for a little while anyway, not that it stops for very long these days, not like it did when we were younger.  Now everything is closed for just one day, Christmas Day, then everything returns to that endless shopping opportunity routine.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not adverse to shopping- what girl is- but I must admit I like that feeling when everything seems to have ground to a halt, the world outside has slowed down a little and life is that little bit simpler.

Probably explains why I enjoy the role of being a submissive wife.  It makes things simpler, but as I've said before, not necessarily less interesting....

That said, I always get my way on Christmas Eve.  I wear my little Santa's Helper outfit- red pixie boots, white stockings, little red velvet skirt and jacket, floppy red Santa hat with a small golden bell on it's tip and put the Christmas presents around the tree, making sure I bend over a lot giving Alastair a good view of my bottom and red lace thong and it doesn't take much to get him interested, even if he does at first feign it to try and frustrate me, but when I accidentally on purpose drop a few packages and get into a girly tizz about my butter fingers, he is soon on his feet taking his belt off, and that is just sooooo sexy, that action of his, pulling off his belt scowling at me telling me to be more careful, that I'm such a clumsy cow, then as I wobble in my spike heeled boots he puts the belt around my throat and tightens it- not a lot, just enough to secure me- and drags me down to my knees.  His cock is big and hard and soon rammed in my throat and I lick and suck with all my little heart, and intense satisfaction at having my mouth filled by my masters hot, ready cock.

He doesn't come in my mouth though; I am tugged back up onto my feet and the belt is loosened and pulled off my neck.  Roughly he turns me around and bends me over the back of the nearby sofa.  With my face pushed down in the warm leather, from behind I get another form of leathering as my arse is whipped by his belt.  The snapping thwacks send a juddering, blissful pain through my body, there are at least a dozen of them, growing in intensity as his anger mounts at my appalling lack of skill on the present delivery front, my failure, yet again, to be one of Santa's more accomplished little helpers and then after his cursing and the smacks of his belt have stopped, I can feel the lube being rubbed into my anus and I know his cock is slicked up too and then, then...bliss as his cock is rammed hard into my arse and I am well and truly buggered.  With bells on.  Quite literally actually, as the little bell on my hat tinkles away with each hard thrust of my Master's cock into my arse.

He takes his time to come but I don't mind- orgasm has already rippled through me a couple of times, a combination of having my clit pressed hard against the back of the sofa and the striking, ramming of his prick inside that other passage.  A very satisfying way to see in Christmas Day if ever there was one.... well it's nice to have traditional festive season routine's, is it not :)))

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