Thursday, 1 December 2011

Play Room Barbie

Friday night and Alistair came home cranky. Long week. I made a nice Beef Wellington and he opened a bottle of Merlot. He was tense but I was alive with anticipation; the worse his mood, the more chance I had of some rough- but very sexy- treatment, and I felt as if I had deserved that, I needed to be chastised and the gruffer and more off hand he became through dinner, the wetter I became.

I’ve already mentioned the play room. All manner of things go on in there, but one of its main functions is, simply, as a ‘toy’ playroom. My name is Barbara and guess what that reduces nicely down to? That’s right, Barbie, and one of my master’s favourite games is just that- I am his Barbie doll, his very own little fuck dolly and, of course, I dress to suit.

Pink is always the theme, well what else could it be? As I am filling the dishwasher the possibilities of what lies ahead jostle for attention across my mind’s eye. Will he be quick or take his time? Will it involve mechanical bondage, or just his own considerable, physical, brute force? Both hold their own special allure; although being pinned down by his strong arms, or his strong grip on my hair pulling my head back as he fucks me in the arse have a very delicious appeal to my senses today.

But back to the play room. I had our children- Daniel and Daisy- quite close to each other when I was in my twenties and they are now both away at university and, I don’t mean to sound as if I’m glad not to see them, but that’s where they stay most of the time, only visiting home periodically for a time during term breaks. That is, they are not tied to us and this house, forever feeling the need to return to it. They’ve found their own lives now in different regions of the country, and to my mind that is very healthy.

The up side to it is of course Alistair and I have plenty of freedom to live our chosen lifestyle, and to get the maximum of pleasure out of it. This includes having this play room- a relatively conventional room in the house- and a more heavy duty, darker ‘prison’ cell in the garage.

So the play room has a small bed in it, is full of light colours and fabrics and cutesy lacy curtains but also full of innocuous, jolly wooden boxes from IKEA full of decidedly darker toys and implements. This is where Barbie lives, and is regularly fucked enthusiastically in all available orifices, because this Barbie is never happier than when having semen dripping from her lips, or an aching cunt from a good, hard pounding by an eager cock.

So. I am dressed in a playful, flouncy short pink skirt. I have on my favourite pink, pointy high heels. Glossy hold ups, a tight pink top and immaculate, bimbo makeup. I am in my room, humming a Lady Gaga tune, bending over a box playfully arranging my collection of lacy underwear, which includes an inordinate number of negligible g-strings and baby dolls. Now then, a pretty standard, quickie routine goes something like this.

My lord and master enters the room and wastes no time grabbing hold of me from behind, pulling me upright by my hair. His other hand pushes up my short skirt and snakes its way purposefully into the small pink front pouch of panties. His finger rubs my clit and I struggle to resist, wriggle against his firm grip, the pain as he scrunches and pulls my hair tighter making me yelp. But he knows he has me, I am already wet as he gloops two fingers into my cunt. I can feel his hard cock pressed against my arse; I am going to be impaled on it soon, I know that, I know this is not going to be a slow burn of a fuck, it is going to be rough and hard and hot and I can’t wait.

He tugs me around to face him and pushes me down to my knees, my hair pulled excruciatingly tight, still in his hand. I kneel before him as he flips out his big, hard cock. It is twitching with need, pulsing with a barely restrained anger, semen already seeping out and I lick it off the top of the taunt helmet of his prick before wrapping my lips around it, and taking it fully into my mouth. I suck and he moans, his grip on my hair loosening but still firm. I can sense that I am soothing his savagery a little which has its pros and cons. I need some rough treatment tonight, I need to be told I’m a hopeless, dirty bitch, a filthy, stupid little slut, I need to be forcefully held down and fucked until the cows come home.

And of course something along these lines does happen. I slip my mouth off his cock and run the tip of my tongue down it’s shaft and then suck on his tight balls. I take it full into my mouth and tug and nip with my teeth and I sense him wince a little and I like this, as it reminds him that he may dominate me sexually, but we are still a partnership and I still can exert my own degree of power if I should wish to do so.

Then he is pulling my face away from his crotch and I am wobbling up to my feet again, a little unsteady in my high heels. He pushes me towards the corner of the room where I stumble and collapse to the floor. My back is wedged into the corner of the two walls and I sit with my legs open, my thighs wide, a negligible strip of silk covering my shaved snatch, his prize on full display, skirt around my waist the straps of my top having fallen off my shoulders. I can see in his eyes that tonight it’s going to short, sharp, very hard; his cock is pulsing, it’s tip hard against his belly as he pulls of his shirt then pushes down his trousers and steps out of them. I’m for it now and can’t wait. Snarling he approaches me then drags me to my feet. He tells me I am nothing but a pathetic whore, a plastic bimbo made to be fucked, that’s all I’m worth, that’s my only purpose, a doll to be crudely shafted until my cunt is red raw, I am nothing but a hole to take his spunk and all he has to decide is which hole to violate tonight, which hole to force his big hard cock into and fill with his sticky come.

He turns me around so that I am facing the other way and bends me over. I rest my hands on the soft, velvety wall paper covered in Disney princess motifs. With both hands on my hips he pulls my arse further out towards him, pushes my short skirt further up my hips and tugs down my panties. A kick to both my ankles opens my legs further and I’m breathing heavily now with anticipation; just where is his cock going to go tonight?

I can then feel it cradled in the crack of my arse. One of his hands slides round to my front and roughly grabs my left breast. He kneads it whilst rubbing his cock slowly up and down the crevice in my backside. Then grunting, he puts his hand into my top and pulls my tit out. He tweaks my hard, wanting nipple and an exquisite pain shots through me, sparking between nipple and wet, increasingly desperate cunt. His voice is rasping filth into my ear and then he releases his grip on my tit and his cock is sliding further down ever closer to its destination now, as he straightens up and puts both hands again on my hips.

If he’d wanted a longer play, he would of toyed with me and eventually have dipped into one of the boxes and pulled out a vibrator or a whip or a cane, or some rope which he would have hog-tied me with, perhaps even leaving me alone in the room for some time tied up on the floor with a vibrator up my arse, desperate in my desire to be degraded some more and fucked, denied my release with a delicious delayed need, but tonight we are both going to be united in a mutual frenzy of satisfaction.
The hard bulb of his prick teases the aching lips of my vagina. It lubricates itself with the flowing sex juices there, I can no longer control myself, I am moaning with a course, urgent craving.

I am pushing my arse instinctively towards him, urging him to stick it into me, trying to impale myself on his rod then I feel his thumb dipping down into my snatch, rubbing me above where his cock has teasingly just, barely, entered my slit and it is wallowing in the juices there. Then it is away a short distance to my anus, which he teases with his now wet thumb. My anus instinctively relaxes with my growing excitement and he slips his thumb into my arsehole at the same time he plunges in his cock, that wonderful cock that is all mine, deep into me and I scream with satisfaction. Now that he’s in there he wastes no more time. He pounds at my arse, his thumb pushed roughly ever further into my anus, and his strokes are urgent now, I can feel his big tight balls pounding against my cunt as he bangs into me almost lifting my heels off the floor as I press my palms hard against the wall. Then his thumb is out of my arse and he reaching forward to grab my hair again. He violently jerks back my head, my long neck straining and crying, my crimson lips pulled back over my teeth, I am close now to climaxing, so close keeping one hand on the wall and putting the other behind me, finding his hand on my hip and I grab it as I cry out again with painful pleasure as he rams me, pulling my head even further back as he slices into me and I cannot help myself I can only let go as his cock rubs my clit with demanding pressure and his hand on my hip releases my hand and he reaches round, his body now arched over mine as he fingers my clit and I spark into orgasm, I tremble and constrict around his cock, holding it an ever tightening grip as he straightens again letting go of my hair and my clit his hands back on my hips and he comes, he bucks and shoots his spunk into me, I can feel the thick hot come shooting deep into me and he thrusts, thrusts and empties his balls with a deep, triumphant growl.

I sag at my knees as he pulls out of me. Breathless, my cunt and insides on fire, I slump forward a little, still bent over, both hands back on the wall, spunk dripping out of my cunt.
Wordlessly he leaves the room. I have been well and truly seen to. Maybe, just maybe there may be more later if I play my cards right…all I can do is wait, and see, although I am sure of one thing: I am in for an eventful weekend…

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