Friday, 2 March 2012

Valentine’s hat-Trick Part 2


….and so I stood in the kitchen feeling wonderfully vulnerable. I know I am in trouble.

I look over my shoulder and see him standing there. Shoeless, his dark hair sexily unkempt, he is wearing a white tee-shirt and black business trousers, the belt unbuckled, and I stare at it, breathing heavily, my thighs bare below my little skirt tingling, my slit a gloop of need, my whole vagina a wonderful, throbbing zone of anxious, expectant desire. A desire to be opened and taken and…yes…hurt. Even my anus was alive with a delicious pulse of dread and excitement and I allowed myself a thought: which orifice was he going to fill with his come first? The answer I knew, now, would come soon enough.

His scowl makes me shiver as I stand back against the kitchen counter. He is taking in my legs, then my tits, then his eyes lock on mine.

I was watching you,’ he spits moving into the kitchen. ‘You dirty little bitch. I saw you you flirting with that delivery boy. ‘

He now stands right in front of me and reaches forward and roughly grabs my thick, permed hair at sharply pulls back my head. I yelp at the stab of pain. He just puts his face closer to mine and scowls all the more; my cherry red lipsticked lips quiver and my long neck is taunt with a fraught but eager tension.

‘Flouncing around in front of him like that,’ she snaps into my face. Flashing those legs and wearing that little skirt leaving hardly anything to the imagination. I bet you managed to bend over as well to flash him your knickers, didn’t you, you fucking slut.’

‘N-n-n-no My Lord,’ I stutter back, ‘I wouldn’t dare do such a course thing.’

‘Yes you would because you are a horny cock teasing little cow, aren’t you?’

‘No, I’m…’

‘Yes you are….DON’T ARGUE WITH ME!!’

He scrunches up my hair ever tighter and yanks my head back further pressing me against the kitchen cabinet, my hands splayed behind me on the worktop.

‘If I hadn’t of been around,’ he spits, ‘that boy would have been in here at a moment’s notice, wouldn’t he. I’d have been out at work, and you with your juices flowing in that needy tight little crack of yours would have had him in here, in my kitchen, and your tits would be out and your knickers down in no time and he would be sucking those tits wouldn’t he, and licking those long legs before bending you over and fucking you on the kitchen table- my kitchen table, wouldn’t he? Admit it, WOULDN’T HE!!’

I whimper from the sharp pain in my scalp from the crushed up handful of hair.

‘Because you don’t care, do you, you bitch. You’d let him fuck you, you’d let his spunk drip out of you onto the kitchen table where it would dry, and you would then be happy for me to come home from work, and sit at that table- even eat at table- where a young man’s spunk stain had seeped into the wood, a spunk stain created by him after lifting up the short skirt and pulling down the knickers of my wife. And you’d secretly fucking laugh at the sight wouldn’t you.’

‘No My lord, I would never, never….’

I try to look away from him. His anger is intense now, his eyes are boring through my skull. He had caught me flirting with the delivery boy- a delivery boy with flowers sent to me by My Lord no less- and he had read my mind, tracking my thoughts about the young man’s cock, how hard and virile it would be, how his strokes in my cunt would have been firm and deep, how my cunt would have tightened around that young shaft of flesh in depraved, unfaithful pleasure, if only My Lord had been out at work this morning…

With his free hand he reaches up to a wall cupboard behind me and flings open the door. It was a cupboard full of household stuff and he pulls out a short piece rough twine. He roughly turned me around so that I faced the tiled wall and I could feel his erection pressed hard into my buttocks. He deftly pulled my arms behind my back and I involuntarily bend a little over the worktop as with practised precision he bound my wrists behind my back with the twine. The course material burnt my skin as he tightened the bond around my wrists and I whimpered. My retribution was coming soon and as he reached up again and pulled down a large tub of Vaseline I now knew exactly what form it was going to take…

My hair still scrunched in his fist he pulls me upright and away from the kitchen counter. I stumble in my high heels as he man-handles me around to face into the kitchen. He pushes me towards the large oak table in the middle of the room. Sunlight suddenly fills the kitchen, bright morning sunlight on this February day. My heels click and scrape on the tiled floor as I struggle and whimper ‘no, no, please I’ll be better, I’ll be a better wife…’ but it makes no difference and I stumble and sink downward, my knees rubbing through the nylon of my stockings on the cold ceramic floor.

Then his crotch is in my face and once again I am in the position where I just wish his eager cock out there in front of me I want it free and bare and an inch from my darting tongue but instead there is just the usual [impressive] bulge in his trousers, his erection straining at his zipper.

His big hands go under my armpits and he pulls me back up to my feet and he is still scowling and I wonder for a moment whether he is going to slap me and I wait for the sharp sting with the usual mixture of thrill and dread but he doesn’t, he just calls me a filthy slag and tells me I’ve well and truly got what’s coming to me and he pushes me the short distance to the table.

He is behind me in no time and bending me frontwards over it. My tits push down hard into the bare oak and I struggle, trying to wriggle out of my bondage, trying to ease my wrists out of the bind behind my back, trying to stand-up right again but My Lord is even more forceful with his response, pushing my face down onto the table top, my right cheek pushed hard and painfully against the table surface as he bangs down the tub of Vaseline inches from my face.

It’s then that he tugs down my knickers. The small black panties are pulled ruthlessly off my bottom and down to my knees. He has one hand firmly between my shoulders as he holds me in place and he is growling, cursing. I hear the zipper of his fly and know that his cock must now be out and primed. I struggle to lift my head and look over my shoulder; I want to see that cock, I know it is big and angry and pulsing, I know its tight purple head will be straining to be inside of me and I want to see it but he won’t let me. I revel in its size: when he’s fucking me it fills my snatch it is so big I can feel it pressing the underside of my stomach when he is thrusting it fills my cunt it parts that sleeve with delicious ease and I surround him envelope him with all my need. He pushes my face down again onto the cool surface of the oak table then I can feel his cock resting in the crease of my arse and I begin to tremble.

But there is more: I’ve lost all fight now I just want it over and done with I just want to be fucked and I don’t try to wriggle away I just stay there bent over the table, my knickers around my knees my short skirt up around my waist, my arse high and ready on full display waiting, ready to be skewered by his big prick, and I can sense that he is taking off his belt and I am right, because in no time it is around my throat. The black leather is a noose around my neck as My Lord tightens it. It constrains me considerably but not so that I find it difficult to breath; but I am now totally at the mercy of My Lord and completely under his control. He tugs hard on the belt, the end of which is clenched in his fist and painfully my head is pulled up off the table. The black leather is tight on my neck, digging into my throat. The tip of My Lord’s cock is firm against my left buttock as he holds my head up by the belt with one hand, and dips his other into the tub of Vaseline.

In no time it is being smeared onto my anus, his lubricated fingers teasing and invading my aching, loosening hole. My cunt is also on fire, sparking with desire and I pull my arse up, trying to direct his fingers downwards, hoping they will slip into my snatch and rub the desire there, sate the need and push apart my soaked sex lips and widen and probe but he is having nothing of it, his fingers stay around my anus, teasing and one occasionally slipping into the hole taunting me, loosening me, and then his other hand is in the tub and then lifted away out of my sight and I know he is now covering his dick with the lubricant, he is glooping it on to his big hard cock and again I strain to see I want to have a look but he just snarls nastily, he shouts ‘keep your eyes straight ahead, you filthy fucking bitch!’ and grabs my chin and squeezes and it hurts as he pushes my face away from my backward glance then releases my jaw and grabs a handful of my hair again and pushes my wide-eyed now terrified stare downwards back to the table surface.

‘This is all you’re good for you smutty little slag, this, a hot hard cock rammed in your arse, rammed all the way in.’

And I let out a low wail as I feel the hard bulb of his knob ease its way into my anus. My arsehole yields and envelopes it then the whole shaft is sliding in and I claw at the table top and squeal with the delicious pain delighting in the obscene invasion of my arse his hard prick enveloped by my tight flesh and my cunt is still crying out to entered too, I fantasise about him thrusting the fingers of one of his hands in there but I think he knows I am desperate for this and so to intensify the agony for me, doesn’t do it.

‘Take this you fucking bitch!’ he shouts, half sliding out then ramming his cock back to me twice in rapid succession. ‘I’m going to teach you a lesson for flirting with that boy, I’m going to fill your arse with my own hot, fucking come, you over-sexed little slag…’

Still I claw at the table whimpering, writhing below him, impaled on his cock, my mouth trembling. Both his hands are now on my hips and he is bucking me, ramming his cock into my arse, pumping, pumping, his balls pushed hard against my arse with each thrust and he’s found that special spot inside me and I quiver and flood with pleasure, a painful delicious gratification, the pain of feeling his big cock hard within my anus, my arsehole tight around the grinding, violent thrusts of that wonderful rock hard dick and I feel him come, I feel his spunk flood into me, his fingernails digging deep into my bare hips and he spasms as do I, balanced now on the toe tips of my high heels as his come pulses into me.

Breathless, I sag with his last powerful stroke. My knees buckle and sated, he leans over my back, his cock still rammed in my anus but now unmoving and already starting to deflate.

Well, hole one has been filled and it’s not 9.00 a.m. yet. It’s going to a long- and eventful- morning, but believe me, this girl for one is not complaining, and I am already allowing myself a rye little smile, looking forward to the first seepage of his come out of my arse, and into my back-in-place knickers…

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