Saturday, 7 January 2012

An Explanation of ‘The Lifestyle’


You might be wondering, with good, reason, if I am such a submissive housewife, how am I able to write all this down? Do I do it with the express approval of My Lord and Master, does he vet everything before it is allowed to be published?

Well I’ll let you into a little secret…this log is my very own, secret place. This is my very own diary, my very own record of the relationship I maintain with my husband, and the lifestyle we have chosen to adopt and. as you will see, although much of it is directly controlled by My Lord, not everything within it is, and I have my own- sometimes illicit- freedoms within it.

I probably need to describe the mechanics of our relationship a little more. We operate as a partnership; I am the submissive part of the relationship and My Lord is the dominant one, but we work in an inter-related way- a ‘symbiotic’ one he’s told me, and that’s pretty much true.

My Lord for example may have the final say in all of the decisions that affect our household, but that doesn’t mean he makes those decisions alone. Sure he has that final decision, but he makes it after fully consulting with me and considering my opinion.

I am also allowed some leeway in my own life. I can keep a diary like this for example, without having to ask his permission although to be honest, as I have deliberated neglected to tell him about it, and were he found out about it somehow, I might well be in line for some serious punishment. You see we are supposed to have a completely open relationship in all senses. But a girl has to have her secrets, doesn’t she? Isn’t it what makes her alluring, a little mysterious, and mystery can’t be achieved through being a goody two-shoes all of the time, can it now?

Our relationship within ‘The Lifestyle’ isn’t consistently of one nature, either. It operates in degrees of domination/submission. We may go through periods where I am an abject slave, as the recent episode at the garden centre. It may last for a few hours, more as a ‘play’ device, or it can go on for a week or two, during which I live totally at the whims and command of My Lord. I cannot speak unless spoken too, cannot go to the toilet without his permission, I attend to all his needs no matter how menial or- sometimes- disgusting- and I am completely his sex toy. I am nothing but a play-thing for him to do anything he wishes to short of I must add, drawing blood, injuring me in any way or putting myself or anyone else in serious danger, as we do have a strict charter drawn up between us that is kept to stringently with regard to that sort of thing.

At other times, I am allowed to operate on a gentler, but no less strenuous level of dutiful, attentive housewife, which to be honest is the majority of the time. I still attend to his every need and am to a large extent his sexual plaything, but I have more freedom than when in slave mode. I can speak without being spoken to first, I am allowed to express opinions [within reason and respectfully] and enjoy a relatively flexible life where I can go and do as I please- again within reason of course, and under the strict understanding that My Lord is told at all times just what those movements are, and who I am seeing [if anyone].

I suppose the closest correlation I can think of is that of your archetypal fifties housewife. I even dress that way much of the time, although my form of dress does vary as demanded by My Lord. Sometimes it is dresses in pastels or gingham, but always of course with pointy high heels [usually slingbacks], stockings, traditional suspenders, and appropriate, matching lingerie.

Other times, I wear shorter skirts, often flouncy, flirty little skirts with hems that barely cover my stocking tops, the obligatory high heels and revealing, tight plunging neckline tops that barely hold my tits in place. I also, always wear a small lace pinny over my skirt. I vacuum, dust and polished dressed like this, although I am always, always if My Lord is around, very quickly bent over the kitchen table or back of a living room settee and given a good hard fuck, which of course always puts me in a better mood for finished the chores afterwards, although the countdown in my head has inevitably started towards my next servicing.

Ah, the sex. This is of course central the whole Lifestyle. Sex has always been very important to me, and in Alistair I have found the perfect foil for my often ferocious sexual appetite, that has of course its own twist of a thirst for domination- and, of course- the delicious swish, thwack and ache of pain. The intense pleasure of a complex, many-faceted orgasm is central to my life. It means everything, and finding ways of channelling pain and pleasure towards achieving that orgasm, is to me the very essence of my existence.

Does this sound over the top? perhaps,but this is a personal diary, my very own testament, and as I promised I am determined to tell it as it is, so there are no apologies from me on that count.

However…2012…a new year. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!!! And for the first time, it is going to be recorded here…:))

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