Thursday, 17 November 2011


My husband is my master and I am to all intents and purposes in thrall to him but that is the lifestyle we have chosen and we may have clearly defined dominant and submissive roles- I am more than happy to be the submissive housewife- but we are also equal companions. 

Our sexual relationship is electric and, I’m not ashamed to say, our relationship is based deeply within the sexual energy we generate between each other.  That exhilarating sense of love, lust and emotional need we embody, as much ‘gland in gland’ as hand in hand, as my husband describes it more often than not.  I of course always smile as this favourite little saying of his, although if I have had a tiresome day and I am in need of a severe spanking, I will raise a mocking eyebrow and purse my lips in faux mockery at the triteness of his witticism, and smiling inside will prepare myself for panties down in the Play Room.

Nature is based in balance.  It is always seeking to find a balance, and will even create one if an imbalance persists.  It’s a basic law of the universe and the Holy Grail of all human quest: to find emotional balance, and someone else to achieve that balance with.

I have my own blissful balance here, in this house, with my husband and master.  I may be controlled and subjugated and privately [willingly] degraded and debased but I am also protected, cherished and loved without question.  What more does anyone need, really?

Our relationship is our own religion.  We need no other.  I’ve read a lot about this submissive wife concept being a ‘Christian’ thing but we do not fall within the orbit of that or any other creed, well not in the goodie-two shoes Bible quoting fashion anyway.  That’s not to say my husband isn’t connected to the church- he is, in a rather fundamental way, but more on that when the time is right- we do however have our own moral framework based in pleasure and pain.    And if you want to get philosophical about it, it is perhaps not that different from what is found in the Bible really, because when it comes down to it, what is Christianity, if not a torture and death cult?  Nothing wrong with that, but it’s a bit prissy to try and believe otherwise.

So my husband/master and I, we are enjoined as soul mates, but that doesn’t for example exclude my husband and master enjoying watching me being fucked by another man, if that so pleases him.  The beauty in our relationship lies in its complexity, and one of the aims of this blog is to explain the various strands of that interweave to make up that relationship in its entirety.

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